Rice is a staple dish across Asia. It comes in various forms and colours and can be prepared in many ways.

It is a central item when serving Asian food. So here's a few tips for preparing / serving it. I prefer Basmati, but you can go for Long Grain, Jasmine or any other suitable variety.


Rice should be washed before cooking. As is demonstrated when washing, rice gives off a starchy white coating. The net result of washing is better cooked rice. To wash, simply pour the rice into a pot and add water. Then scrunch the rice with your hands. You will see the white, starchy stuff turn the water opaque. Scrunch for a minute or two, then drain off and add a new dose of water. Repeat the previous steps, scrunching, draining and refilling until the water starts to turn clear.


There's many ways of cooking rice. Boil-in-the bag, steamers, rice cookers - they're all out there. Here's my suggestion:

  1. Wash rice (see above)

  2. Pour rice into pot

  3. Pour water into pot so that there is roughly 1/3 an inch of water above the rice

  4. Bring the water & rice to the boil, let it boil until the water has reduced off

  5. Stir once, put the lid on the pot and bring the heat way down to as low as possible

  6. The rice will finish off after a few minutes and will be ready to serve


There are many ways to serve and/or cook rice. Plain is fine, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Add a dash of turmeric (at step 3 above) for yellow rice

  • Add 2 or 3 cardomom pods & cloves (at step 3 above) for flavour

  • Fry with egg, soy sauce & shallots to make fried rice

  • Add coconut milk (at step 3 above) to make coconut rice